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Immigration Law

Attorney Farah Kamal, an immigrant herself and the daughter of immigrants, possesses a deep understanding of the emotional, financial, and business aspects of immigration. Her fluency in multiple languages allows her to provide valuable assistance to a wide range of communities, including Southeast Asian, Latin, European, and Middle Eastern individuals and businesses, both in the United States and worldwide.


Attorney Farah Kamal works closely with her clients and takes the time needed to understand their individual situations, in order to achieve favorable results for her clients.

Neither distances nor languages are a barrier for us, we can assist you on-line.

Your trusted immigration lawyer with international reach

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Corporate Immigration


At the Kamal Law Firm, PLLC, we counsel companies and individuals through the corporate immigration process. We can help with:

  • Green cards via employment

  • EB-5 investor green cards

  • Business visas

  • H1-B employment visas

  • Employer compliance

  • Permanent residence

  • Waivers and appeals

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Family Immigration


The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) breaks visas for family members into “immediate relative” and “family preference” categories. While the U.S. doesn’t limit the number of immediate relative visas, the demand for “family preference” visas usually outstrips the limited number of visas available. Unfortunately, navigating the requirements, paperwork, and procedures necessary to bring a family member to the United States can be daunting. We can help guide you through the process as efficiently as possible.

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Deportation Defense


Facing deportation or removal from the U.S. can be frightening and challenging for your family. We understand the importance of keeping families together, and we work aggressively to defend our clients facing deportation. We can contest immigration holds and detainers and work to achieve immigration bonds.


Over 10 years of experience

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