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Mediation lawyer in Houston Texas

Mediation is a process during which divorcing couples attempt to reach agreement on all matters surrounding the dissolution of marriage prior to heading into court.

Mediation lawyer in houston

Mediation is a private process during a divorce or child custody case that helps parties reach a mutually acceptable agreement without the need of lengthy litigation and delay. As such, mediation often helps resolve majority of divorce-related issues before they reach court, saving a lot of time for both individuals involved. It is also designed to minimize the emotional stress of such difficult processes by being conducted with the help of a third neutral party, or the mediator. The process is entirely confidential, providing a safe and friendly setting in which both parties can creatively resolve their disputes. In addition to saving time and relieving emotional stress, mediation is extremely beneficial in that it lessens the financial cost of a divorce, with the potential difference being thousands of dollars’ worth of money.









Almost all mediation cases result in outlines of agreements which then make their way up to court. Once agreements are reached, both parties are irrevocably bound by it. For this reason, it is important to have a mediator who can help guide both parties through their best and most fair options.

Attorney Farah Kamal is a mediation attorney based in Houston, Texas. She is a certified mediator in general mediation and family law mediation, giving her unique insight into the entire process. She facilitates clear communications and effective conflict resolution, conducting family law mediations as part of her practice. Her understanding of cultural and religious sensitivities can help parties reach favorable agreements that cater to their specific needs.

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Mediation lawyer in houston

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